MARRIAGE CARE™ is a dynamic, innovative and effective way to focus on solutions rather than problems offering timely & proximate assistance to distressed marriages.

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MARRIAGE CARE™ is a dynamic, innovative, and effective way for a Parish or Cluster to offer relational and spiritual support for couples in most any situation, but especially those experiencing loss, crisis, or unresolved difficulties. When properly implemented and conducted by trained Marriage Angels! it offers prayer support, guidance and skills, witness, referral and accompaniment. 

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A MARRIAGE CARE™ Ministry is how the Parish best responds to a married couple or spouse experiencing any kind of crisis, marriage conflict or a significant loss.

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Why is MARRIAGE CARE™ Parish-based?

“The main contribution to the pastoral care of families is offered by the parish, which is the family of families.” 

– Pope Francis in Amoris Laetitia (p. 129

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Who are Marriage Angels!?

The most important part of a MARRIAGE CARE™  Ministry are the trained volunteers willing to listen, pray, draw out significant insights and teach a few important skills, coach, and, share their gifts and their marriage with others — “Sharing God’s Love & Care One Marriage at a Time!”  

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How do you become Marriage Angels!?

In every sense, it is a ministry by trained “first responders” – who we call Marriage Angels! — to assist couples with coached skills, guidance and support that can lead to Hope, Help and Healing in their marriage. We seek to do this “Sharing God’s Love & Care One Marriage at a Time.” 

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