To keep MARRIAGE CARE™ effective and Marriage Angels! accountable, MBUSA provides training as follows. 

Participation in: 

  1. MarriageBuilding Parish 101 Training segments to include: 

A. Theology and Sacramentality of Marriage 

B. Marriage Ministry as Evangelization 

C. Prayer – How to, When to, and Teaching others to Pray 

D. Moral Decision Making 

E. Suicide Prevention Insights 

2. Adventures in Marriage or Sacramental Adventures in Marriage Skills Workshop or other skills-based workshop and subsequent Coaches Training.

3. MARRIAGE CARE Training and Practice Session(s) consisting of 6 hours of learning, role playing and practice in skills development and pertinent insights. 

4. Signed Confidentiality Agreement

5. Participate in on-going formation, semi-annual zoom call and annual conference all through MBUSA. In these Marriage Angels! will gain awareness of various situational crisis and sensitivity to how best to minister in each situation.  

Following completion of above the new Marriage Angels! are introduced to the Parish and commissioned at a Sunday Liturgy, receive their Marriage Angels! Pin and Certificate. 

MARRIAGE CARE  is a Ministry of MarriageBuilding – ConstruyendoMatrimoniosUSA.  MBUSA provides training for Parish Coordinators and Marriage Angels! Training in both English and Spanish. In addition to Training as described above, the following must be carefully adhered to and will be discussed in detail during Training:  

  1. Potential Marriage Angels! are asked to complete an application and obtain the referral of their pastor.  
  2. Marriage Angels! are to complete Training Requirements. Upon completion, Marriage Angels! are officially Certified. 
  3.  Marriage Angels! need to have good listening skills and be able to teach skills and coach distressed couples in these skills. For this reason training includes attendance at a Sacramental Adventures in Marriage (SAIM), or other skills workshop, to enhance skills and learn to be coaches. It is also necessary to have a skills workshop available for referral and MBUSA helps get them established if there is not one already in place. 

4. Marriage Angels! have necessary materials and environment for each MC Session to include:

a. Two copies of MARRIAGE CARE Workbooklets plus Marriage Angels! copy with Guide. 

b.  Pens, Bible, Business Cards (Template provided) 

c. Forms as described below 

d. Simple Refreshments 

e.  Comfortable seating arrangement preferably at table and chairs 

f.  Information on each potential Referral 

5. Marriage Angels! are asked to keep records of their MARRIAGE CARE Couples and submit a short Confidential REPORTING Form for each couple to MBUSAThis form can be returned electronically. 

6. Marriage Angels! complete an INTAKE Form with each MC Couple. 

7. Marriage Angels! need to have an adequate and vetted list of Referrals. A Questionnaire for the purpose of interviewing potential Counselors and Therapists is available as is suggested other Referrals.  

8. Marriage Angels! help each MC Couple complete a PLAN of RECOVERY. Once completed, a copy needs to remain in a Couple’s file with the original going to the Couple for implementation along with information on Referrals being suggested. 

9. Marriage Angels! maintain the confidentiality of the marriages they serve. This should be understood by both the Marriage Angels! and the MC CoupleFailure to do so will cause the loss of Certification.  

10. Marriage Angels! have the DISCLOSURE Form completed at the beginning of session to be clear about culpability.  

11. Marriage Angels! maintain a positive attitude about marriage and about their own marriage. If this is not possible, then it is suggested they step down and work on their own marriage until such time as they can give witness to a healthy and holy marriage. 

All materials, resources, strategy, training and ongoing formation and support are available through MarriageBuilding USA with permission to reproduce once Certification is completed. Upon completion of training, a Certificate of Completion is awarded. All Marriage Angels! are asked to continue formation through scheduled quarterly on-line learning sessions with time for Questions & Answers. 

Please contact Lorrie Gramer at or (8150 289-0523 to discuss setting up MARRIAGE CARE in your parish or diocese.