“The main contribution to the pastoral care of families is offered by the parish, which is the family of families.”  Pope Francis in Amoris Laetitia (p. 129) 

With these words, Pope Francis understands this reality when he calls us out as a Church to be “a FIELD HOSPITAL for the wounded.” 

With MARRIAGE CARE™ in place, the Parish becomes a Field Hospital – a vital source of the HELP, HOPE and HEALING needed in a marriage faced with problems. 

It is here, within our Church, that distressed couples can find caring and loving mentors; a healthy and supportive community of fellow believers; and most important, the transforming power of the Word of God. 

Relying on the Holy Spirit and the wisdom of our faith, MARRIAGE CARE becomes the Parish’s best response to a marriage in need. Our Goal is to have MARRIAGE CARE available in Catholic Parishes throughout the United States. We think the stakes are high and that there must be a renewed effort to help couples win.   

When Marriage Angels! are empowered as marriage coaches, an amazing opportunity is created to bridge the church and the culture, both inside and outside the church. It affects kids, affects how people view the church, and affects people spiritually, all of which impacts the culture.  

Ministry to married couples, especially when they are in crisis, is necessary. This is especially true if we want to impact our parishes and attract a hurting world. And since we see it as necessary, then we need to be excellent at our method of caring for them. It is essential that we care about marriages in a way that makes a real difference.  

This IS the Church’s best effort to be there for each couple

  1. to pray with them
  2. to teach them to pray  
  3. to lead them to Jesus who is the master physician 
  4. to use the skills and techniques designed by MBUSA to help THEM listen to one another and understand more deeply their role in their marriage 
  5. to offer resources like the MARRIAGE CARE™ Novena and the Sacramental Adventures in Marriage Workshop and Referrals like solidly Catholic Counselors or Therapists. 

All materials, resources, strategy, training and ongoing formation and support are available through MarriageBuilding USA. Practice coaching is included in the training. Upon completion of training, a Certificate of Competency is awarded. All Marriage Angels! are asked to continue formation through quarterly on-line learning sessions and Q & A.