MarriageBuilding~ConstruyendoMatrimonios USA has many tools that meet the needs for the Marriages in your Diocese.



  • MARRIAGE BUILDING 101 trains the leadership for Marriage Ministry in the Parish.
  • Train MARRIAGE ANGELS!™ to help care for distressed marriages in the Parish.
  • Train leaders for PATHWAYS™ to Marriage Convalidation & Sacramental Marriage. PATHWAYS™ is a gathering or one-on-one meeting for couples in irregular marriages or cohabitating that want to find more information about the STEPS to make their union a SACRAMENT.
  • Train MARY’S MANTLE coordinators. This is a ministry of prayer for brides and convalidating couples in the parish.


  • Diocesan Consecration of Homes to Sacred & Immaculate Hearts
  • MARRIAGE BUILDING 101 Clergy Days
  • Diocesan Staff In-Service Day
  • Set-up MARRIAGE BUILDING FAIR at large Diocesan Event
  • Diocesan Women’s Organization implement Mary’s Mantle
  • Create a Culture of Marriage in the Diocese

resources to make available

Distribute at your Marriage Events

All Items are available in English & Spanish

  • EXAMINATION of CONSCIENCE for the MARRIED are small cards to have at the confessional for Married Couples. 100-count packet makes a wonderful “gift” when visiting parish priests!
  • MARRIAGE MESSAGING BANNERS for the vestibule to create a Culture of Marriage in the Parish. Consider purchasing with Diocesan Name and Crest and rotate them through different parishes.
  • Taking Us to Prayer NOVENA is a 9-Day Novena for distressed marriages authored by Don and Lorrie Gramer.
  • Advent Family PRAYER CARDS are 5 weeks of take-home Family Activities and Prayer for the Sundays of Advent and Holy Family Sunday.
  • BLESSING of HOME for the Newly Married uses the Holy Water from the Blessing of the Wedding Rings on the day of the Wedding and a prayer to be hung in the home.
  • PRAYER CARDS for Marriages in your parish. English on one side, Spanish on the other.

hold AN event

MBUSA programs are designed to be held in the Parish, but you can be a Catalyst and sponsor a Diocesan-wide event. Also consider hosting an event to train Parish Leaders.

  • We CARE about Marriage! events give an opportunity to have a dialogue about the state of marriage today. Find out what the needs, desires and hopes are from the Parishes.
  • THIS OLD SPOUSE – Revisiting “I Do” is a meaningful day of renewal for couples over the age of 50.
  • SACRAMENTAL ADVENTURES IN MARRIAGE (SAIM) is the best in marriage skills and skills coaching with a Sacramental foundation.