Within the Protection of Your Mantle We Place this Couple

A Ministry of Prayer for

Brides and grooms

A Ministry of Prayer for

Convalidating Couples

“Adopt” a couple for the special task of keeping them in prayer throughout their preparation and early marriage. To assist with this effort, we have created a cloth “Mantle” that represents the Blessed Mother’s Mantle, to become a part of these prayer efforts, and is given to the Bride before her wedding as a meaningful and quite personal acknowledgement of these prayers.

Along with the Mantle, there is also a special Wedding Card that explains the Mantle and how it can be placed at the feet of Our Lady on the day of their Wedding. The Card also includes a place to record the “Spiritual Bouquet” of prayers. And, there is also a Prayer of Consecration of a Bride and Groom to Our Lady that can be said by them on their Wedding day before a statue or image of the Blessed Mother.

This Mary’s Mantle Ministry becomes a way these couples are surrounded by “Mary’s Mantle” and brought to her intercession through an accumulation of prayers, rosaries, masses, and the like. We ask for your kind support to those in your parish who would like to provide this intercessory prayer. 

Intentional Prayer Support

Potential Gift From

  • Entire Parish
  • Women’s Ministry such as DCCW or CWF
  • Golden Ager’s Ministry
  • Individual
  • Mother or Future Mother-in-Law
  • Bridesmaids
  • Friends
  • Relatives


“Have Boundless Trust in Me. My Mantle will Always be your Safe Refuge.”

Mary’s Mantle Includes a blue or teal (for Convalidation) cloth “mantle.” It is used as a symbol of the covering worn by Our Blessed Lady and of the covering with Prayer that the Bride receives. You are encouraged to include this mantle in each prayer activity said for the Couple. We suggest you have the mantle blessed by the Parish Priest making it a Sacramental. Ideally, the card and mantle are presented prior to the Wedding Day. The mantle can then become a reminder to pray that she becomes the wife God envisions for her to be.


Prayer of Consecration to Our Lady of a Husband & Wife on their Wedding Day

Entrust this bride-to-be to the Blessed Mother. Ask Mary to more fully conform her to Christ and help her ‘grow up’ and mature in the spiritual life. Pray that the couple will want to consecrate their marriage to Jesus through Mary on their wedding day. A prayer of consecration is on the final page of the special card..