WE CARE ABOUT MARRIAGE ™ informational gatherings to facilitate recruitment of leadership and volunteers. Offered in both English & Spanish

We need you to get involved! Our next event is on Friday evening, Oct. 22 at St. Michael the Archangel Parish, we will have what we call WE CARE ABOUT MARRIAGE. It’s an evening to discuss the “State of our Unions” as one marriage educator puts it, and the importance of keeping marriages strong, healthy and holy. Please join us for some wine and cheese and a lively discussion on what’s at stake and how you can become involved. We need your help. Please join us on October 22nd. 

The Lord has put a fire in us, to raise up Marriage-Building Champions in our HOMES and ultimately in our CHURCH, and in SOCIETY. Marriage is under attack. The Blessed Mother at Fatima said the final battle will be between Satan and Marriage and Family Life. The battle is upon us. Satan wants our marriages. 

Together we can make our marriages strong. Together we can restore marriages in distress and help marriages in need. Together we can form our youth and inspire our singles and pray for the Engaged. And together, we can bring healing and care to the divorced and the widowed.  

We can “create a culture of marriage – that’s rooted in God’s Plan, for the good of Humanity.” These words come from the US Bishops Pastoral Letter MARRIAGE: LOVE and LIFE in the Divine plan along with the challenge to be marriage-building parishes. 

  • COST: Free
  • Upcoming WeCare Event: St. Michael the Archangel on October 22
  • Questions or More Info: Contact Lorrie Gramer at 815/289-0523