THIS OLD SPOUSE is a meaningful DAY OF RENEWAL in the truest sense as couples “REFLECT” through the lens of their original vows how to live out the “rest of their marriage”.

I…Take You…

Most couples over 50 years old have experienced the “for better and for worse.”

They know what the “for richer and for poorer” means.

And, most are looking at “for sickness and for health” with sickness only increasing in the years ahead.

This Day gives Couples Time to…

  • Reflect & Pray together
  • Learn & Practice new Skills
  • Show Understanding & Learn how to meet each others Needs
  • Consider Regrets and experience Forgiveness
  • Find something meaningful to Deepen the rest of your lives

“This Old Spouse” helps couples find new direction, new purpose and new meaning — to which we add the challenge to get involved in parish marriage ministries.

Schedule This Old Spouse Today

Don & Lorrie Gramer are available to present “This Old Spouse” in your Parish or in multiple locations in a Diocese.

Consider offering on a weekday as this age group are often available during the week.

Contact them at 815-289-0523 or

Materials include couple’s workbook and graphics, promotional flyers and banners.

Grow Old With Me–The Best is Yet to Be